Escaping the World in Beautiful Spitzkoppe, Namibia

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Isn’t it great that our world is more connected than ever? In many ways, yes, but desperation for a break from everything is becoming more and more common. Especially for those whose lives and work involve a lot of time spent online, getting away from the world can be just what the doctor ordered.

Spitzkoppe is the perfect place for some remote relaxation and exploration.


Situated in what feels like the middle of nowhere, the Spitzkoppe (German for “pointed dome”) is made up of a number of distinctive granite peaks that stand out dramatically from the flat surrounding plains. The mountains are remnants of an ancient volcano and were formed when Gondwanaland split apart over 500 million years ago. When visiting the mountain range, local guides from the small town can even show you to various ancient bushman paintings, dating back 2000 – 4000 years.

The area is a paradise for anyone who likes to hike, climb, or explore. While many of the rock formations are smooth and steep, there are plenty of spots where visitors can climb to higher points to get the best views, like the majestic “window” rock that frames the horizon. Even if you don’t feel like climbing higher, the scenery from any height will take your breath away.

dsc01691.jpgIn a place as remote as this, there is no electricity, no running water, no noise, and no stress.

Namibia tends to feel pretty remote as a whole, but for me Spitzkoppe was on another level. We saw no other cars on the road for several hours leading up to our arrival at the campsite, and there were very few people staying there that night. The silence was deafening in the best way.

The intense quiet means you can sit and fully enjoy watching the gorgeous sky go from sunset to a million stars and back to sunrise, changing the color of the rocks as time passes. You can even carry your sleeping bag up onto the rock formations and sleep under the stars. There is no better view to fall asleep to than countless stars and the ultra-bright moon illuminating the mountains around you.

Pictures cannot possibly do justice to anything we saw at Spitzkoppe — especially not the stars. We laid on the rocks for hours just trying to commit the constellations to our memories, and I can say without a doubt that I’ll never forget that night.

The morning of our departure, I woke up early and climbed from my exposed sleeping spot on the rocks to a higher point where I could watch the sunrise by myself. It was one of those travel moments that you never forget – pure, unadulterated bliss and a disbelief that somewhere as beautiful as this can exist in real life.

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My visit to Spitzkoppe was part of my Acacia Africa 11-day overland tour from Windhoek, Namibia to Cape Town, South Africa. It took us from Spitzkoppe to a safari in lush green wildlife conservation areas to sand boarding in the blisteringly hot Namib Desert, plus so much more in between. Without having to plan anything myself, I got to see many of the top spots in Namibia, and left feeling like I had truly experienced the country, since we had driven the entire way and had incredible guides to show us the ropes.

As always, all opinions in this post (and this one!) are my own. I usually avoid tours because I like to travel at my own pace, but in the specific case of overlands in Africa, I think they’re a perfect way to see a lot for a great price (with no planning or stress needed). I had an amazing time on my tour and cannot recommend Acacia highly enough. They have tours all across the continent for any timeline, budget, or set of interests — you can see more of their trips here!

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