3 Thoughts for Every Country I Visited in Europe This Summer

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Okay, so I’ve been a little busy. Even though I got to Europe in mid-April (over four months ago), I haven’t written a single blog on what I’ve been up to travel-wise yet. (ICYMI: I did write two posts on what I do for a living and why I took a 30 day break from social media.)

Honestly, it just hasn’t been a priority for me (oops). Trying to keep up with work while also leaving time to explore, visit friends and *maybe* even fit in some down time leaves little space for writing, so it just had to take a back seat. Currently, I am having a work day at a cafe in Split, Croatia after spending the last week traveling with my brother and his girlfriend, and I leave in a few hours on a ferry to Italy… so we’re gonna switch things up.

My summer flew by, and so will this post. Here’s 3 thoughts for every country I visited in Europe over the last four months.

1) Turkey

Super short trip (17-hour layover). Tulips came from here. Baklava is still amazing.

2) Italy

My favorite country forever (returning tonight!). So many carbs. Visited Rome for the millionth time and I’m moving there ASAP.

3) Austria

How is this country so clean? Strudel counts as a meal right? Can I live in the Alps yet?

4) Hungary

I’M BAAAAACK. First time since Study Abroad 2016. So cheap, so tasty, so beautiful, so perfect.

5) Slovenia

Holy crap, so green. Prettiest lake I’ve ever seen. Hannah and I jumped off things and swung from cables #sports.

6) Spain

Is it possible to overdose on sangria and tapas? Finally saw my parents and best friend, Whitney. Only spending 2 days in Mallorca was a stupid, stupid choice.

7) Portugal

Lisbon, I haven’t loved any city this much since Rome. Food tours are so worth the investment. Maybe I’ll actually move here ASAP instead.

8) Czech Republic

Prague feels like Budapest but different. Beer mugs make a satisfying clink. I have such fun friends.

9) Germany

A TANZANIA FRIENDS REUNION!!! My high school German classes aren’t helping me much. So much bread, ja?

10) Bosnia & Herzegovina

Taking a 30 hour bus ride here from Germany was stupid. Too tired, can’t do anything. Paying for a private room is worth it sometimes.

11) Montenegro

Surprisingly trendy. Beautiful to drive through. Fluffy dog at hostel made my whole week.

12) Albania

Daily dinners with amazing people: $1. Lodging for one whole month in one place: $200. 30 day break from social media: priceless.

13) Kosovo

Complete last minute choice, and yes that’s a statue of Bill Clinton. Incredible films at DokuFest. Newest country in the world besides South Sudan.

13.5) Germany… again

Quick visit to my fave gal Steph (we met in Cape Town). She’s a badass and moved to Berlin. Best weekend ever (RIP her phone).

14) Croatia

More visitors!!! The country is becoming more touristy for a damn good reason. So picturesque everywhere.

I still have a few more spots to hit before I head back to the US this fall, but so far my summer has been absolutely incredible. I’ve loved Europe unconditionally since the first time I stepped foot here, and I know I’ll never run out of new places to visit.

To everyone who has traveled with me over the last few months, thanks for your company. Gawking at pretty things and eating my way through the continent was even more fun with you here.

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